The Garden emerged from a spunky idea that food could be grown for the farm meals and for other members of the community. The structure was originally cobbled together from used materials in the mid-nineties. It operated as a CSA, adding an orchard, buildings and planting areas as the need arose over a period of about 10 years. It was certified organic. While it was on property owned by Buttercup Farms, Inc., a non-profit, the business itself was run by the farmer as a for-profit named Happy Farms.

Since that time, the operation has been maintained primarily as a fruit and vegetable garden for the non-profit and their friends. A strawberry farmer leased the beds for a short time and the farm provided some produce to a restaurant arm of Buttercup Farms, the Angels Camp Mercantile Café and Bakery.

In March 2010, Gary Crandall came on board to make the farm productive again. It is his intention to restore the organic certification begin a community supported agriculture business (CSA).