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Pay for a regular subscription - monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. In return the garden delivers a box of fresh, naturally-grown produce every week at an established neighborhood delivery site. The cost is $20 per box, which provides a week's worth of produce for 2-3 people. Our garden will deliver boxes of fresh, all-natural produce each Monday between 6pm and 7pm beginning June 4 at delivery sites in Clayton and Walnut Creek.
The Clayton delvery site is in the parking lot at the Clayton Community Gym behind Diablo Middle School at 300 Diablo View Lane. The Walnut Creek one is at the Walnut Creek United Methodist Church at 1543 Sunnyvale Ave.

Our CSA is different from others in that all our customers are within a 10 mile radius. This makes our CSA a much more environmentally-sound operation.

For details please contact us at: 925-672-1474 or email us at: