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Buttercup Farms is seeing wonderful things happen in this beautiful country! Guided by the gentle and exceptional talents of David Omboga, our Kenyan projects are adding depth and dimension to the lives of native people and visitors alike. 

In the Athi River area of greater Nairobi, our orphanage, Buttercup House, lovingly cares for and educates children who have been removed from untenable conditions in the slums. Here, our caregivers provide children with meals, school clothing and supplies, and a clean home environment.

Buttercup Farms has also taken a lively interest in the well-being of humble people living in the Jesus Slums of Nairobi, helping many to realize hope and improved circumstances. Here in the slums, we are assisting residents to build the church/community center they have longed for, and are also providing vocational training and exploring business opportunities with interested community members. 

As a hallmark of our mission to foster worldwide human understanding, Humanitarian Safaris supply visitors with a delightful introduction to Kenya. Buttercup Farms is pleased to take its guests on custom-tailored excursions into the Kenyan way of life, rich with warm, friendly people and magnificent wildlife in gorgeous natural settings. 

Buttercup Farms lends eager support to The Sisters of Charity Children's Home which houses special needs children and babies abandoned by their families. It is always a privilege to visit with and encourage these very special young people who require much love from the world around them!

The Petals School in Migori is a true Kenyan success story. After 200 years of animosity, two warring tribes have finally managed to heal the breach and build a school where their children can learn and play together. Buttercup Farms is honored to take an active part in this incredible joint venture, which has brought hope and renewal to the lives of so many.



Buttercup Farms is honored that its Senegalese projects are managed primarily by the dynamic Viola Vaughn (Exec. Dir. of WHEPSA - Women's Health, Education and Prevention Strategies Alliance - sponsor of, whose passion for female empowerment has inspired and aided thousands of young women to make quantum leaps forward in both academic and business education. 

Through Viola’s devotion and leadership, the 10,000 Girls program is teaching young women self-reliance through vocational training and entrepreneurial skills once they leave school. A pastry shop and catering business, and a sewing workshop that produces handcrafts for sale, are staffed and run by the girls themselves. These successful businesses not only benefit the employees, but also generate income to support program continuation. 

Please visit the website at to learn more about these enriching and multi-faceted activities. 

Other Buttercup Farms endeavors in Senegal include the establishment of a clinic to benefit residents of a community in the interior, and educational work with indigenous cashew farmers to enhance their returns. 




Watch the interview of Viola Vaughn (Exec. Dir. of WHEPSA - Women's Health, Education and Prevention Strategies Alliance - sponsor of

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