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After graduating from college, Peter Haas, the founder of AIDG spent time at the Buttercup Farms facility in California where his vision to embrace and serve indigenous people was nurtured and allowed to blossom. Buttercup Farms is very proud to support the work of Peter Haas currently being done in Central America. 

Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group – AIDG uses outreach, education, business incubation and training to develop basic infrastructure systems. Under the leadership of Peter Haas, AIDG is working in Guatemala with a team of dedicated volunteers to develop water, electricity, cook fuel, heating, sanitation and housing solutions in remote rural villages. Using adaptive windmill, water pump and alcohol stove technologies, AIDG is proving that simple workable designs can be affordable, sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

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Peter Haas - founder of the AIDG (Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group) - at the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards Conference


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