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Buttercup Farms Garden

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foster children

In addition to our single parent program we provide a safe environment for adults to adopt children and receive Buttercup's assistance both in housing and financial aid. 

single parents

In keeping with the Buttercup theme of helping people help themselves we sometimes provide housing at our Clayton Valley Farms facility for single parents and their children. This gives them the opportunity to get their feet on the ground and to feel supported by others as they develop the skills and resources to care for their children. 

Elderly people

One of the themes in Buttercup's care of people is mixing all ages together so that they discover the joy of caring for each other. Elderly people fit into this scheme very well. They feel needed and included and become active parts of the community. 

Transitional assistance

Internships and 

Youth training programs

My name is Jeff Forbes and I was an intern at Buttercup Farms, for the summer of 2006. This internship gave me the chance to work with Marjory Hawkins at Hawkins Public Relations, and the opportunity to stay at Buttercup Farms. Part of my responsibility was to work in the office and get introduced to the world of public relations and the remainder was to be available to do work on and for the farm. This began what was to be one of the most unique experiences of my life. What Buttercup Farms offers is a wonderful support system that encourages people to explore their mind, body and spirit. I was encouraged to take risks, work in areas I was unfamiliar in and do things I never thought I would, or could, do. 

I also got to know everyone else on the farm through community dinners and outings. I helped construct a yurt that was to be my home for several weeks, and I helped in other activities like, constructing an aviary, fixing up a sailboat and preparing community meals. The variety of new experiences helped me to learn a great deal about myself and the other people on the farm, and the relationships that were made that summer will stay with me for the rest of my life.

AngelsCamp Mercantile

Cafe & Bakery

In the early years of the 21st century, Buttercup Farms set its sights on the Sierra foothills one hundred miles east of us. Enthusiastic volunteers created a Cafe and gift shop in the historic Mercantile Building in Angels Camp. They provided that struggling community with an attraction for tourists and quality entertainment for the locals.

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